1. Lack of scalability
2. Lack of privacy
3. Lack of interoperability

All of these are major limitations of blockchain technology. Lack of scalability means that the blockchain cannot handle a large number of transactions quickly. Lack of privacy means that the transactions on the blockchain are public and can be seen by anyone. Lack of interoperability means that the blockchain is not compatible with other systems.

Other related questions:

Q: Which is a major limitation of blockchain technology?

A: The major limitation of blockchain technology is that it is still in its early stages of development and has not been fully tested.

Q: What are the challenges of blockchain technology?

A: The challenges of blockchain technology include the need for more robust and user-friendly platforms, the need for more widespread adoption, and the challenge of scalability.

Q: What are three disadvantages of blockchain technology?

A: 1. Blockchain technology is still in its infancy and has not been fully tested or proven.

2. Blockchain technology is complex and requires a high level of technical expertise to understand and implement.

3. Blockchain technology is not regulated by any central authority, which could lead to security and governance issues.

Q: What are the barriers to blockchain?

A: There are a few potential barriers to blockchain technology adoption, including:

1. Lack of awareness and understanding – Many people are still not aware of blockchain technology and how it works. This lack of understanding can be a barrier to adoption.

2. Complexity – Blockchain technology can be complex and difficult to understand. This complexity can be a barrier to adoption.

3. Lack of trust – Some people may not trust blockchain technology because it is still relatively new and untested. This lack of trust can be a barrier to adoption.

4. High costs – The costs of implementing and using blockchain technology can be prohibitive for some companies. This can be a barrier to adoption.


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