There are a few different types of blockchain, and not all of them support smart contracts. For example, Bitcoin’s blockchain is primarily used for tracking ownership of the currency, and it doesn’t support smart contracts. Other blockchains, like Ethereum, were designed specifically to support smart contracts.

Other related questions:

Q: Which Blockchains support smart contract?

A: Bitcoin and Ethereum are the most popular blockchains that support smart contracts. Other popular blockchains that support smart contracts include Hyperledger Fabric, EOS, and Ripple.

Q: Does Hyperledger support smart contracts?

A: Yes, Hyperledger supports smart contracts.

Q: Does Bitcoin blockchain support smart contracts?

A: Bitcoin blockchain does not support smart contracts. However, there are other blockchain platforms that do support smart contracts, such as Ethereum.

Q: Can blockchain work without smart contracts?

A: Yes, blockchain can work without smart contracts. However, smart contracts add an extra layer of functionality and flexibility to blockchain applications. Without smart contracts, blockchain applications would be much more limited in terms of what they could do.


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