The Ethereum Wallet stores the blockchain locally on your computer. The files are stored in the following directory:

Mac: ~/Library/Ethereum

The blockchain is constantly growing as new blocks are added to the chain. Each block contains a record of all the transactions that have occurred since the last block was added.

The Ethereum Wallet will automatically download and sync the blockchain. This may take a while depending on your connection speed and the size of the blockchain.

Other related questions:

Q: Where is Ethereum blockchain data stored?

A: Ethereum blockchain data is stored on every node in the network.

Q: Where is the Ethereum wallet address?

A: There is no specific Ethereum wallet address. Rather, each Ethereum account has its own address.

Q: Which storage library does Ethereum use?

A: Ethereum uses a variety of storage libraries, including LevelDB, RocksDB, and Hyperledger Fabric.


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