The banking sector is one of the most active in terms of blockchain technology adoption. Banks are looking to blockchain to help streamline processes, reduce costs and improve security. Here are some of the most notable examples:

J.P. Morgan is one of the largest banks in the world and it’s been exploring blockchain for a number of years. The bank has developed its own blockchain platform, called Quorum, which is based on the Ethereum blockchain. Quorum is designed for enterprise use and is being used by the bank for a number of different applications, including cross-border payments.

Goldman Sachs is another major bank that’s been exploring blockchain technology. The bank has invested in a number of blockchain startups and is also working on its own blockchain platform. Goldman Sachs recently announced that it’s planning to launch a digital currency trading desk, which will use blockchain technology to settle trades.

HSBC is another big bank that’s been experimenting with blockchain. The bank has been working on a blockchain platform for trade finance and has also piloted a blockchain-based system for cross-border payments.

These are just a few examples of the many banks that are using or investigating blockchain technology. It’s clear that blockchain is seen as a valuable tool by the banking sector and we can expect to see more adoption in the years to come.

Other related questions:

Q: Which blockchain is used by banks?

A: There is no one blockchain that is used by all banks. Different banks are using different blockchain platforms, depending on their specific needs and requirements. Some of the more popular blockchain platforms being used by banks include Hyperledger Fabric, Ethereum, and Corda.

Q: What major companies are using blockchain technology?

A: There are a number of major companies using blockchain technology, including IBM, Microsoft, and Amazon.

Q: How many banks use blockchain technology?

A: At present, it is estimated that around 15% of banks are actively using blockchain technology, with a further 60% considering its implementation in the near future.

Q: Does JP Morgan use blockchain?

A: Yes, JP Morgan Chase is one of the leading banks exploring the use of blockchain technology. The bank has been actively involved in blockchain research and development for a number of years, and has filed a number of patents related to the technology. JP Morgan Chase is also a member of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, a consortium of businesses and organizations working to promote the adoption of Ethereum’s blockchain platform.


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