The transaction process flow in blockchain technology includes a total of six steps. First, the user initiates a transaction by creating a transaction request. This request is then broadcasted to the network of nodes. Each node then validates the transaction request and adds it to their respective copy of the blockchain.

After the transaction is added to the blockchain, it is considered to be confirmed. Finally, the Block is then transmitted to the entire network so that all the nodes can update their blockchain.

Other related questions:

Q: How many steps does blockchain work include?

A: There are four main steps in the workings of a blockchain:

1. Creating a new block

2. Validating the new block

3. Adding the new block to the blockchain

4. Distributing the new block to all nodes

Q: How many transactions are in blockchain?

A: There are approximately 300,000 transactions in the blockchain.

Q: How blockchain works in 7 steps?

A: 1. A transaction is initiated by a user.

2. The transaction is verified by the network.

3. The transaction is recorded in a block.

4. The block is added to the blockchain.

5. The transaction is confirmed.

6. The transaction is finalized.

7. The transaction is complete.


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