Thu. Oct 6th, 2022

The team at Blockchain has been hard at work to make sure our users have the best possible experience when it comes to using our wallet to store, send, and receive Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

We’ve been monitoring the situation closely and are now ready to provide our users with a detailed update on how the Blockchain wallet will handle the Bitcoin Cash fork.

As many of you know, a group of developers, miners, and users are planning to hard fork the Bitcoin blockchain on August 1st, 2017 to create a new cryptocurrency called Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

This fork is due to disagreements within the Bitcoin community on how to scale the Bitcoin network to accommodate more users and transactions.

The Bitcoin Cash fork will result in a new cryptocurrency being created. If you hold Bitcoin (BTC) in your Blockchain wallet on August 1st, you will receive an equal amount of Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

For example, if you have 1 BTC in your wallet, you will receive 1 BCH after the fork.

It’s important to note that if you send BTC to your Blockchain wallet after the fork on August 1st, you will not receive BCH.

If you want to access your BCH, you will need to create a new wallet.

We will provide instructions on how to do this in a future blog post.

We want to reiterate that the safety and security of our users’ funds is our top priority.

We will continue to monitor the situation and will provide updates as necessary.

In the meantime, if you have any questions, our support team is here to help.

Other related questions:

Q: Can Bitcoin Cash be sent to Bitcoin wallet?

A: Yes, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) can be sent to a Bitcoin (BTC) wallet, but it is not recommended. BCH is a different cryptocurrency with different rules and a different blockchain. Sending BCH to a BTC wallet may result in the loss of your BCH.

Q: Does Bitcoin Cash have its own blockchain?

A: Yes, Bitcoin Cash has its own blockchain.

Q: What blockchain does Bitcoin Cash use?

A: Bitcoin Cash uses a variant of the SHA-256d hashing algorithm, which is also used by Bitcoin.


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