To use BitPay with Blockchain Wallet, first set up your wallet to use a dynamic fee. Then, when you go to make a payment in BitPay, select Blockchain Wallet as your payment method. Enter the amount you’d like to pay, and then sign the transaction with your wallet.

Other related questions:

Q: Does BitPay work with Blockchain?

A: BitPay does not currently work with Blockchain.

Q: How do I pay with BitPay?

A: BitPay is a bitcoin payment processor that allows you to accept bitcoin payments on your website. To use BitPay, you will need to create a BitPay account and then generate a bitcoin address. You can then add this address to your website so that customers can pay you in bitcoin.

Q: How do you pay with Blockchain wallet?

A: You can pay with Blockchain wallet by using your credit or debit card, or by using your bank account.

Q: What wallets are compatible with BitPay?

A: There are a number of wallets that are compatible with BitPay, including:

– Copay
– BitPay
– Mycelium
– GreenAddress
– Airbitz


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