If you’re having trouble importing your blockchain address into the app, it could be because the address is invalid or because the app is having trouble communicating with the blockchain. If you’re sure the address is valid, try restarting the app and/or your device and then try again. If that doesn’t work, reach out to our support team and we’ll help you troubleshoot.

Other related questions:

Q: Why does my Blockchain wallet address keep changing?

A: Your Blockchain wallet address may change for a variety of reasons. Some of the most common reasons include:

-You’ve upgraded to a new version of the Blockchain wallet

-You’ve restored your wallet from a backup

-You’ve imported a new wallet

-You’ve created a new wallet

Q: Is Blockchain wallet having issues?

A: There are currently no known issues with Blockchain Wallet.

Q: How do I import a Bitcoin address into blockchain?

A: First, open your Blockchain wallet.

Click on the “Import / Export” button.

Click on the “Import Address” button.

Enter the Bitcoin address you want to import.

Click on the “Import” button.


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