If you’ve imported an address into your blockchain wallet, and now want to remove it, here’s how:

1) Log into your blockchain wallet.

2) Click on the “Addresses” tab.

3) Find the address you want to remove, and click the “X” next to it.

4) Confirm that you want to remove the address by clicking “Yes, remove this address.”

That’s it! The address will now be removed from your blockchain wallet.

Other related questions:

Q: Can a blockchain address be deleted?

A: No, a blockchain address cannot be deleted.

Q: Can I delete a crypto address?

A: Yes, you can delete a crypto address from your account. However, please note that once an address is deleted, it cannot be recovered.

Q: How do I remove my address from my wallet?

A: There is no way to remove your address from your wallet. However, you can delete your wallet and create a new one.

Q: What is imported address in blockchain?

A: An imported address is a blockchain address that has been imported into a wallet. Imported addresses can be used to receive funds, but they are not part of the wallet’s normal address book.


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